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About This 'HS' Reference...

It's been 15 minutes and I saw this comment live after I posted it. It quickly became invisible and I still can't get to it, so I'm going to go ahead and assume it was dismissed at this point. Not cool, man. Not cool. So fuck that, here it is:

"I'm not going to get all crazy after I just woke up, but you shared this to GT under the heading "Hugo Shwyzer mentioned in Dustin Lance Black story". Okay well yeah, he was mentioned barely. But I come to this story and I find you saying the same thing. Listen, I'm a bit saddened that your takeaway about why this story is wtf is that it barely, briefly mentioned Hugo Shwyzer - not even by name.

See here's the problem: this is a story about fucking homopbohia. There are many wtf issues going on in this story, but Hugo Shwyzer is not one of them. The complete and total glossing over a very large issue, this painful and real story to spend five seconds laughing at the inclusion (again, not even by name) of HS is kind of offensive. Fuck Hugo Shwyzer.

Also, agreed with the commenter above, Hugo Shwyzer is so much more than the few things you mentioned. He is a painful figure to recall for many POC. At the end of the day, this shit is not funny."


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