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The Role Of Allies In The Sports LGBT Movement

Patrick Burke is great ally. He is the President and founding partner of the You Can Play Project, an organization that fights homophobia in sports.

He wrote this great opinion piece earlier this month about the proper role of allies in the growing LGBT rights movement in sports. He explains what the proper role of an ally should be and uses those reasons as explanations for his standing down and handing of the Executive Director position at You Can Play to an LGBT athlete. I knew he had stepped down, but until I read this article, I hadn't realized why. I can't help but respect him more for it. This is how it's done.


Today Cyd Zeigler wrote an excellent take on it from the gay perspective. I especially liked the specific calling out of GLAAD among others since it hints that while these authors are specifically talking about the lgbt rights movement in sports, the issues presented are not limited to the sports arena. I personally have had an issue with organizations like GLAAD for this very reason.

Anyway, I thought you guys might find this interesting!

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